Stop Overpaying for Monthly Bills

We’ll negotiate a better price for your phone, internet or cable service, and more.

4.3 of 5

Stop Overpaying for Monthly Bills

We’ll negotiate a better price for your phone, internet or cable service, and more.

4.3 / 5

We’ll Find You $365+ of Savings per Year

On average, we help our users save $365 per year.
if we cannot do so, then our service is free, and you keep all of the savings.

Upload your bills or connect your bank account. We then automatically scan your bills, finding you monthly savings. Our negotiators will then start working to find the best possible rates.

Save big on cell phone&cable bills
Save time and money by having your Aviio concierge secure the best rates on your current monthly bills. No switching providers needed!
Lower APRs and Bank Fees
If your bank charges you overdraft or late fees, we can show you how to secure a refund and can negotiate with your bank to lower interest rates (APRs).
Find better rates for car&home insurance
Simply connect your current insurance and we'll present your best options.

8 out of 10 people overpay for services like Internet and Wireless Phone bills. Our team negotiates the best price for these services, and we work to lower your monthly fees, to have extra features added, all without you having to sign new contracts or extending your terms.

On average, we help our users save $365 per year; if we cannot do so, then our service is free, and you keep all of the savings.

We've helped thousands of Canadians

We want to help millions more.

“I love Aviio! I highly recommend this service to anyone. It saved me a ton of money and I love that they will intermittently renegotiate some of my bills.”
saved $612 / year
“It was so easy! I wish I’d done it sooner.”
saved $386 / year
“More money saved to invest towards my goal!”
saved $792 / year
“The process was painless. I was greatly impressed at the amount Aviio was able to save me in such a short period of time. I ended up saving much more than I expected. Great job!”
saved $921 / year
“Very impressive service! I sent them my cable bill and I thought I had the lowest plan possible for $44.99. Imagine my surprise when they called to say they saved me another $15 per month for a year!”
saved $390 / year

Let us lower your monthly bills

Join and let our concierges find you savings of $365+ per year.

Get Saving Today!
Guarantee of $365 per year of savings or your money back
Dedicated concierge will find you savings
Email, SMS, and Phone support
Upload bills or connect your bank account for automated savings

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back

Aviio is Here to Help

Our goal is to empower Canadians to think smarter with their money by helping them lower monthly bills and efficiently manage them.

Canadians are unknowingly and unnecessarily paying more for the services they need.

Aviio created a Bill Negotiation service to level the playing field for all Canadians. Our team wants to help you to not only spend less, but to fully understand your options with respect to the services you need, and what you should be paying for them.


What is Aviio’s Bill Negotiation service? +
Aviio encourages "smart money values" by helping people to lower their monthly bills. We negotiate better rates for recurring bills such as Cable TV, Internet, Wireless, and Security. Essentially, we help you "fight the man" to keep more of your money in YOUR pockets each month!
How do I know if I am overpaying? +
If you have recurring monthly bills that you haven't recently negotiated, you're overpaying. Aviio has an industry-leading success rate on saving our customers money! Our average customer saves around $365+ per year. Of course, this varies based on various factors such as: geographic location, competition in the area, longevity with the provider, service on the account, etc…
How does it work? +

It's easy!

- Enroll (it takes just minutes)

- Once your account is approved, simply attach a copy (photo or upload) of your bill or connect your bank account so we can scan your transactions.

- Sit back and let Aviio’s concierges save you money!

- Within a couple of days, your dedicated concierge will either email or phone you to explain the results of our negotiation(s). Additionally, as new savings opportunities arise, your concierge will make sure to keep you informed.

How much money could I save? +
As a reference, we average between $100 - $500 per bill. One of our largest savings to date is almost $2,000 for a single customer! It's important to understand that every customer and bill is different. Meaning, we don't know how much we'll be able to save until the negotiation has been completed. But rest assured, if we can’t get you $365 worth of savings - your account will be credited and you won’t have to pay for our services.
You really offer a money back guarantee etc? +

Yes, we really do! The power of negotiating is not to be underestimated. Our team has been so successful in their negotiations with service providers that we are absolutely confident in our ability to deliver on our promises.

How will I receive the savings that Aviio negotiates for me? +

Once Aviio has negotiated your savings, the Provider will apply those savings to your next bill within the next billing cycle.

Your concierge will then contact you and outline the details, including the start and end date for the savings. Your concierge will always let you know what to expect with regard to the savings they negotiate on your behalf.

How much does Aviio's Bill Negotiation cost? +
The service costs $15 per year but comes with a Money back Guarantee. We stand behind our services 100%. If Aviio cannot save you at least $365 per year, we will issue a refund and let you keep any savings that your concierge managed to secure.
I’ve signed up, now what? +

After you’ve signed up, we assign a dedicated concierge who you can speak with directly via email, SMS or phone. Within 24 hours of signing up, your concierge will contact you to arrange an onboarding call.

During onboarding, your concierge will explain your dashboard, show you how to upload a copy of your bills or connect your bank account and will discuss the anticipated savings, and next steps. Once we successfully negotiate your first few bills, your concierge will continue to monitor your account for savings opportunities and will contact you if any are identified.

You can keep track of all your savings in your dashboard and, at any time, you are welcome to reach out to your concierge for help and recommendations. Once again, if your concierge has not successfully negotiated $365 worth of savings for you within the year, your subscription will be refunded, no questions asked, and you can keep all the savings that have been achieved.

What bills do you negotiate? Are there any you don't negotiate? +

Our concierges have an industry-leading success rate in negotiating the following bills: Cable and Satellite TV; Wireless Phone; Landline Phone; Internet Access; Satellite Radio; Home Security; TV; Internet & Phone Packages; auto insurance; home insurance; renter's insurance; and bank fees.

Currently, we do not negotiate rates for utilities or credit cards, but we will be adding new negotiating services in the future, so keep checking back.

If you have any questions regarding the bills we currently cut or if you have ideas for bills you think we should be cutting in the future, please contact us.

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