Loan Application Declined?
Find out why...

Aviio has helped thousands of Canadians get approved and can help you

4.3 of 5

Loan Application Declined?
Find out why...

Aviio has helped thousands of Canadians get approved

4.3 / 5

Personalized Coaching Back To Financial Health

Our expert advisors are here to help you plan your financial future. With a simple chat, we’ll get you on track to accomplish your financial goals, big and small.

No More Guessing
Discover why you were declined and what needs to change to become approved.
Repair Your Credit
Custom built tools for getting back on track. We’ll provide you with a step by step guide created just for you.
Don’t Do It Alone
We’re with you every step of the way. Available by chat or phone.


Let us help you accomplish your financial goals

Curious how lenders are viewing your financial position, find out now.

Loan Application Guide
Personalized Journey
Monthly Progress Tracker
Chat Support
Overview Phone Call (30 Minutes)
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On average our members are eligible for loan approval in six months.


89,042 Approved loans and counting

We measure success by experiences enabled.

“Coach by Aviio was a ray of hope for us when we were feeling completely overwhelmed by our family’s debt. Trying to navigate the confusing repayment plans was like opening a can of worms. We truly appreciated having Aviio on the line with us when we called our loan servicers. Thank you Aviio!”
Clare P.
“My situation is frustratingly complex with many types of loans. It’s been remarkable to have Aviio in my corner helping me with a customized plan to get back on track! I couldn’t have done this alone.”
Peter S.
“Aviio is educational and helpful. It helps me understand why I was declined a loan and what I need to do to be approved. I wish I knew about Aviio when I first started out in 2018 because I would have understood the whole process 100% better.”
Norma G.
“Coach by Aviio is like a GPS for financial health. The platform took a weighty, overwhelming and convoluted decision making process and helped me break it down, step by step.”
Emma U.
“I have had major anxiety about my financial situation. I was thrilled with how easy it is to manage and get on track with Aviio's help.”
Mike M.


What do I get in the Loan Approval Guide? +
The guide shows how you measure up against key criteria lenders use to determine whether your loan application is approved or declined. Along with showing how you rank on key factors, scores, and other information, the guide walks you through step by step on how to improve each metric.
The goal of the report is to explain why you were declined, and the steps you need to take to get back on track and get a loan. Plus, we're with you every step of the way on phone or chat for support.
Become approved for a loan in six months or your money back.
Can you share my credit score with me? +
No, we’re legally not allowed to share your credit score with you. However we do provide guidance on a range and can inform you where to find your credit score yourself.
How long does it take to sign up? +
1 minute. However we’re experiencing higher than usual demand and it might take one to two weeks for a Coach to get in touch
Do I need to be employed to be eligible? +
No, you don't need to be employed to qualify for the program. However when securing a loan income is part of the overall approval process and you may require a co-signer.
I am retired, do I still qualify? +
Absolutely. Anyone over the age of 18 qualifies.

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